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Rialto Bankruptcy Lawyer Mark D. Edelbrock has decades of experience helping clients achieve financial stability through bankruptcy and other debt relief options. If you are struggling under the strain of overwhelming bills and financial obligations, our bankruptcy law firm is prepared to guide you toward peace of mind.

Attorney Edelbrock has the knowledge and experience to provide skilled advice and guidance to clients who are facing a wide range of financial issues. He understands your primary concerns include protecting your family, securing your home, stopping foreclosure, stopping wage garnishment, relieving tax levies, and ending harassment from collection calls.Resoving Debt at Rialto Bankruptcy Lawyer Mark D. Edelbrock

The Law Office of Bankruptcy Lawyer Mark Edelbrock has represented clients in Rialto and throughout communities in the Inland Empire of California since 1978. If you are looking for trusted debt relief and bankruptcy solutions, call (909) 987-4707 and arrange for a free consultation. During this bankruptcy consultation, Mr. Edelbrock will answer your questions, learn about your situation, and work with you to find the most beneficial option to meet your needs.

Liquidation Bankruptcy | Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the individual releases control of assets to eliminate most causes of debt, including obligations to credit card companies, medical providers, financial institutions, and more. If you have a minimal income and few assets, this option may help you wipe away your debt. Certain small businesses may qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. As a skilled Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney, Mr. Edelbrock can file your bankruptcy if this option is in your best interests.

Debt Reorganization | Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the best option for those with large assets and the ability to maintain regular payments. With this option, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Mark Edelbrock may be able to help you retain some assets.

Save Your Home | Foreclosure Lawyer

When you’ve been late on mortgage payments or received a notice of default, it may seem as if foreclosure is imminent. As an experienced foreclosure attorney, Mr. Edelbrock has helped many clients keep their homes out of foreclosure. He can help you understand your rights throughout the bankruptcy process.

Keep Your Paycheck | Wage Garnishment Attorney

To collect on a debt, a creditor may petition the court to have funds deducted from your pay. This garnishment may be up to, but not exceed, 25 percent of your net pay. Wage Garnishment Lawyer and Bankruptcy Attorney Mark Edelbrock can help you file bankruptcy to stop wage garnishments immediately.

End Collection Calls | Creditor Harassment Lawyer

Debt collectors can be very persistent and disruptive in an attempt to gain repayment. Creditor Harassment Attorney Mark Edelbrock protects clients from these financial companies’ representatives.

Protect Your Future | Estate Planning Attorney

In addition to helping clients break free from overwhelming debt, Mr. Edelbrock is also an experienced estate planning lawyer who protects his clients’ assets for peace of mind in the future. He develops custom estate plans which meet the unique needs of each client.

Contact our Experienced Debt Relief Lawyer Today

If your debts are mounting and you are looking for a financial fresh start, call Rialto Bankruptcy Lawyer Mark Edelbrock to discuss your options. He works with clients needing help for a wide range of financial issues, including bank account levies, tax liens, wage garnishments, foreclosure, and other situations. Call (909) 987-4707 to arrange a complimentary consultation today.

Whether you live or work in Rialto or in a surrounding community, Bankruptcy Attorney Edelbrock can help you take the next step. He will work to protect your interests, help you understand the options, and offer guidance as you make critical legal decisions.


From Rialto City Hall, drive south on Palm Avenue and turn left onto West Rialto Avenue. Make a left on South Riverside Avenue and get on the 210 West. Exit on Carnelian Street and turn left. The Law Office of Mark D. Edelbrock is at 7365 Carnelian Street, Suite 238.

Rialto Bankruptcy Attorney Mark Edelbrock